In July, Lebanon closed the season of EMPODaT International Assessment Seminar

After our great experience in Egypt and Morocco in June 2015, we had the great pleasure to assist to the last International Assessment Seminar that took place in Lebanon. From the 6th to the 10th of July 2015, as part of the EMPODaT project, University of Balamand and the Lebanese American University (LAU) hosted this event that was a true achievement.



The program was very intense and thanks to the great cooperation of European Experts on Organ Donation and Transplantation, together with Local Experts and Coordinators, all the students consolidated their knowledge in a great atmosphere.

To start the program, on the 6th of July were scheduled wrap-ups about Organ Donation and Transplantation, to summarize the knowledge delivered on the online platform to the participants.

The great facilities of the LAU Simulation Center in Byblos, gave the opportunity to the local and international experts to implement workshops on Donor Detection, Family approach, Organ Recovery and Brain Death and Donor Management.

Discussions and various interactions of clinical cases about kidney, liver, heart and lungs, were presented with a great success.

With the kind logistical support of the University of Balamand and according to the schedule, the last two days, the participants were able to present their studies to the jury of experts. Finally, for the dissemination of the project, several events were implemented in the same institution: a Networking Event and a Mass Media Event. University and States representatives had the opportunity to express their will of prosperity of the EMPODaT project.

To end these 4 days of close partnership, a final talk was delivered to encourage the participants to pursue their efforts and to reflect about the final outcomes of their studies.

We are very thankful for the welcoming we received and the great hospitality of our partners from Lebanon. We are now very much looking forward for the Final Meeting of EMPODaT, to measure all the outcome of the project.

We wish you all a very nice summer.

The EMPODaT Team