June under the sign of International Assessment Seminars

From the 8th to the 11th of June 2015, two of the three partner countries of the project EMPODaT, Morocco and Egypt, hold their International Assessment Seminar with great success.
In Egypt, the International Seminar took place in the University of Cairo in collaboration with the University of Mansoura.


The program was as intense as enjoyable. The first day consisted of an internal meeting and it was followed by two days of hard work focused on workshops and lectures. Experts from the European Union partner universities, Ehab Rafael and Juan Villar, joined their efforts together with Local Experts Hussein Mohammad Attia Sheashaa, Mohamed Abdel Bakr, Ahmed Ibrahim Kamal Abdelkader, Manar Elkholy and Ismail Rady Saad. Thanks to the very high quality professionalism of all the actors of the conferences and practices, all the students could consolidate their knowledge about Organ Donation and Transplantation.
Finally, the last day was dedicated to the dissemination of the project, with the participation of official representatives. The media, represented by local television and newspapers, were also invited to take part in a press conference to propagate the outcomes of EMPODaT, all over the country and beyond.

Simultaneously, in Morocco, the International Seminar was hosted by the University of Casablanca with the support of the University of Rabat, and the same schedule was offered to the participants with a lot of enthusiasm.

As for Egypt, the rhythm was very high. EU Experts, Patrick Jambou and José Vincens Torregrosa, achieved a great work in sharing and spreading knowledge, together with Local Experts Lahoucine Barrou, Rabia Bayahia, Abdelkader Belkouchi, Chafik El Kettani, Ghislaine Medkouri, Abdellatif Koutani, Naima Ouzeedoun, and Hakima Rhou. The media representatives were able to witness the great outcomes of the International Seminar through the commitment of every participant and the very good collaboration between the two universities that created a great atmosphere during the entire venue.

We want to take this opportunity to emphasize the very warm welcoming we received in of both International Seminars, and to thank all the local organizers for their great job and hospitality.

Before our next meeting together, we are now very much looking forward to attend the last International Assessment Seminar that will be held in Lebanon from the 6th to the 10th of July 2015, and that promises to be a great moment.

Finally, we wish the students all the best for the Transplantation online module, that will stay opened until the 31st of July.

The EMPODaT Team