“May” a very EMPODaT productive month!

April just finished and we did not have time to see May passing by! Indeed, we are all very busy with the project this month, since a very important step is approaching: the International Assessment Seminars.

They will be held from the 8th to the 11th of June 2015 in both Egypt and Morocco, while Lebanon will host its International Seminar in July. The logistic has been keeping us very busy. Indeed, our goal is to ensure that the students of each University can attend the seminars in the best conditions, and that the program, meets everyone’s expectations. And it promises to be so! We will not to reveal all the mystery, but we can inform you that the schedule is very attracting and it looks like everybody will gain from this international gathering, both professionally and personally.

But it is not the only thing that keeps EMPODaT neurons boiling. The students, despite their professional commitments, are, as always, very active. The Transplantation Online Course started a few weeks ago, and the topics are being worked on very energetically both in English and French. On another hand, the traineeships are also in progress and the immersion is very promising.

Finally, when the Local Transplantation Seminars of the two universities involved in the project ended in Morocco, the University of Cairo in Egypt welcomed its first one about Renal Transplantation. The following subjects were discussed: the evaluation of the renal allograft recipient, immunosuppression for renal transplantation, surgical complications and their management as well as special situations like the re-transplants. It was surely a very complete day!

As usual, the smooth running of the EMPODaT project shows how involved every partner is! De facto, we can’t wait to be part of the International Assessment Seminars and until then, we wish you all, luck and strength!

The EMPODaT team