Interim Meeting and the Learn to Teach Training Program

The University of Barcelona welcomed the EMPODaT Interim Meetingfrom 14th to 19th of September, 2014 where experts on Organ Donation and Transplantation from 11 partner institutions were present.  (Click to see the Consortium).


During the Interim Meeting all the partners worked together to achieve the following objectives: to assess the measures taken so far; to evaluate the Postgraduate Teaching Plan; to design a quality control, follow up and evaluation system; to clarify the definition of functional, pedagogical and technical requirements of the e-learning Platform launched by UB and online training; to set up the further steps. Last but not least the need to create a European-Mediterranean network was addressed and first actions were outlined. At the end of this meeting, a press conference was organized at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona, to disseminate the project. The participants were as following:

  • Francesc Cardellach; dean of the Faculty of Medecine of the University of Barcelona
  • Enric Canela; Vice Chancellor for Science Policy
  • Martí Manyalich; Responsible for the EMPODaT Project
  • Chloë Ballestè; Scientífic Coordinator (Translation)
  • Melània Istrate; Project Coordinator (Translation)
  • Mohammed Benghanem; Hassan II University, Morocco
  • Mohamed Adel Bakr; Mansoura University, Egypt
  • Georges S. Juvelekian; Balamand University, Lebanon

After the Interim Meeting, the Learn to Teach Training Program was held. It addressed the future coordinators of the EMPODaT postgraduate program as assigned by the beneficiary Universities The faculty staff of this course consisted of EU Partner experts and provided the participants with the key points  in the field of organ donation and transplantation, as well as knowledge and skills concerning the educational methodology implemented (online, face to face and traineeships). Moreover, they were provided with resources such as: USB card with all the documentation required to start the accreditation procedure of the postgraduate program within the ENPI universities, individual evaluation sheets as well as educational materials to be used during the local seminars (PowerPoint Presentations, clinical cases, outlines). A total of 13 tutors from the 3 ENPI countries benefitted from the Learn to Teach  Training Program and are ready now to undertake their responsibility.