EMPODaT do not stand still in the busy month of April!

At the very first days of this new month, Universities were already on their toes and very active. With now the official opening of the Organ Transplantation Online Course, the mobilization is even higher. Local seminars, traineeships and international seminars keep everyone busy.

Morocco is offering a very good example of this involvement. Both the University of Casablanca and Rabat are doing an amazing job in the organization of their local seminars. Topics such as Pediatric renal Transplantation and common complications, renal transplantation, the basics and the protocol of immunosuppression, recipient care have been studied in both Rabat and Casablanca.

Furthermore, as we aim to ensure the continuity and transferability of the EMPODAT program in the future, we are very proud to mention that the sustainability of the project is on the right path.

A great illustration of this progress is the evolution of the accreditation process. Indeed, almost each University involved in the EMPODaT program is close to the final step, which enables the students to receive their diplomas at the end of this postgraduate program. Recognized nationally, it will facilitate the enrollment of future students on the same program.

Simultaneously, the Networking Agreement is already drafted. It promises to be a fantastic tool for us, partners of the EMPODaT project, to keep working together, exchanging and spreading knowledge about Organ Donation and Transplantation.

Finally, as the dates for the International Assessment Seminars have been set up, the Local Coordinators together with the EMPODaT Coordinators are working hard to provide a high quality program for the students enrolled on the EMPODaT courses, and of course a good time to all the participants!

As William Shakespeare was saying “April hath put a spirit of youth in everything”, so we wish you all a good and refreshing month of April!

The EMPODaT Team.